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Interviewer: "One of the fans of Buenos Aires sent me a message
via twitter saying that one of you is a big fan of Che Guevara"

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B.A.P Live On Earth 2014: South America Attack!!


  • November 2nd @ Mandarine Tent


  • November 4th @ Teatro Caupolican


  • November 6th @ Jockey Club del Perú

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Invitation to Mato Castle - Prince(ss) Jongup (originally posted to my art Twitter)

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Finally….I’ve finished it! T__T////

*throw palette away*

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Remember when Youngjae demonstrated what ROFLMAO meant.

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140928 - Instagram - Himchan

\정직한 #selfie


Honest #selfie

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In my country, they began to put commercials with k-pop music! I could not believe the first time I realized.. IT FEEL SO GOOD!  ( ╥ ω ╥ )

In my country we now have a song with 2NE1’s I am the Best in it. It’s awesome!!

THE KPOP MUSIC IS GROWING!!  ✧・゚:* ㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ *:・゚✧

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kids :D

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Strength heavier than dumbbells tbh

B.A.P make a tour of LatinAmerica!! aawesome right? -_-)/ And I have no money to go..
I'm a little disappeared because I'm with exams.. I'm soorry! I did nothing in these last days, I suck..

If you want to know about me! my blog is 99% of BAP so you will not see many things of my ^^

I will give credit to the person who did it, because this is greeat